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NST Audio - Processing perfection

An Hoa Church - Duc Trong - Lam Dong Province

Processing perfection

Published: 17 Mar 2016 WORSHIP

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Draft – 15 February 2016




NST AUDIO distributor in Vietnam, Ba Hung Technology Co., has announced the completion of a project to install an audio system, including two NST D48, at An Hoa Catholic Church in Lam Dong province, in the southern part of Vietnam’s central highlands.


Lam Dong province is well-known as a best landscape highland city of Vietnam, also called city of thousand-flower where tourists from all over the world may come for Flower-Festival in every new-year celebration, enjoy famous local specialities Oolong-tea and coffee. Lam Dong is also one of the first 5 provinces of Vietnam completed the construction of adminstrative central (total investment of over half-billion USD) where Ba Hung Technology Co. was the main contractor for the whole audio-conference-interpretation-stage lighting-led screen & video processor integrated system. There were 12 main contractors and many sub-contractors worked for Lam Dong Administrative Center project, just only 3 companies and 4 persons received the certificates of merrit, among them, Ba Hung Technology Co., and personal CEO Nguyen Ba Tuong (James) received 2 certificates of merrit for their outstanding performance in this project.    



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Ba Hung CEO, Tuong Nguyen (James), explained: ‘Our main market is Government organizations and commercial projects and distribution network in Vietnam. However, we also give best offer to religious establishments, for example churches and traditional pagodas we usually support in price normally at our warehouse cost. And we pride ourselves on the support and customer service we are able to offer all our customers, we do our most effort with devoted-heart for our Ba Hung brand image, even the project is huge or small. An Hoa Catholic church is not a big project, but Father Giuse Nguyen Van Bao trusts in our company and entrust the sound system for us, the final result of sound system was highly appreciated as an optimum integration at most effective investment’



James continued: ‘We have just finished the installation of the audio system for the Catholic church at An Hoa and we got a great response from nearly five thousands people who attended the church’s inauguration (one thousand inside the church and four thousand outside), including nearly one hundred Father and friest. Before the inauguration, we tested many DSP processors in the same pro-audio system, and NST D48 finally won and selected. All our staffs are also very satisfied with the clarity, power and sound quality of the NST D48. I strongly believe that NST D48 processor definitely go further to succeed in the world and will satisfy most tough and prissy sound-men community’



Father Giuse Nguyen Van Bao (email: cheerily said: “I was indeed very worry about revert, echo and feedback level of the church, as our architects have to focus on the holy-art rather than acoustic art. I also well understand that, buying good products do not mean the sound will be nice, even the whole quality system do not mean it will run well, but the fantastic final result will come from the good service, knowledge, experience, devotion and responsibility of the integrator. However, my entrustment to Ba Hung, especially to James is the perfect decision, we have such a wonderful sound system and we are very satisfied”



NST AUDIO Managing Director, Ian McCarthy, added: ‘We are very happy with the start James and Ba Hung have made for us in Vietnam and we wish them many more successes in the future.’




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Ba Hung Technology Co., is located in Ho Chi Minh City and provides both consultation and supply of integrated systems solutions to the Vietnamese market.





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NST AUDIO is a UK based company and designs DSP hardware and software solutions for both live sound and installations. With expertise and knowledge developed over decades of experience in pro-audio at the highest level in the industry, we have world-class audio electronic designers, software developers, live audio engineers, expert management and product support on-board.



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