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MS-12/1+Multi-functional Loudspeakers System

Features & Benefits

  • Compact two-frequency system
  • Rotatable, 90 degree×50 degree
  • Superior Analysis, Saving space, Strong power
  • Integrity and professional rigging system


  • Speech PA
  • Clubs
  • Conference
  • Karaoke
  • Sound stage and Stage monitor

The third generation products of MS series are high cost-effective engineering series loudspeakers. From the processes of appearance and technologies, Real Sound has made further improvements so that the series can take care of widely different types of activities. Particularly for those users who do not want to put too much funds for the present, this series of speakers is the most suitable product. In the aspects of horn and high-frequency, engineers have made larger improvements. In addition, it increases diver sustainable power, replaces noble units at all costs, and adds a CTL treble protection device at the sound board. The device not only protects the head from burning, but also allows speakers to continue to work at the time of overloading. Engineers employed the most advanced CAD/CAM technology in designing, trying to make speakers design at the highest requirements.Combined with multi-functional compact 12-inch reflective woofer and 1-inch horn tweeter, it can be used as the ordinary main PA loudspeakers, besides stage monitor speakers. All the horns used equipped with mounting jacks and hoists points are flutey and clear vertical-shaped horn, which is ideal for voice players.


Driver 12inch Low frequency driver 1inch High frequency compression driver
Power 250W AES,1000W peak
On-Axis Sensitivity 98dB
Maximum SPL 128dB
Nominal Impedan 8 ohms
Coverage Patter 90° horizontal,50° vertical
Enclosure Material 18 mm high-quality 11-story wood plywood
Finish Black Dual Component Polyurethane Resin
Frequency response 55 Hz - 20 kHz (±3dB)
Protective Grille 1.2mm hexagon steel net, acoustic transaudient sponge stacked front
Input Connector 2xNeturik NL4
Dimensions 360mm×350mm×615mm
Wigh 21Kg
Fittings 12 x M10 threaded inserts 1 x mounting pole socket 1x pock htandles
Controller XTA,DBX etc., REAL SOUND can provide the necessary parameter settings
Material Selection All adoption with the European environmental ROHS standard

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